MINI MPM Forest Fire Pump

With a lancing distance of up to 20 meters, and fixed foam dosage the new AFT MINI MPM forest fire fighting pump, are the most economical choice in portable, high-efficiency pumps. Their compact design makes them ideal for a variety of applications and can be fitted on any ATV or vehicle . The 6.5 hp B&S engine will prove to be reliable, durable, and efficient. Due to its compact size and design the AFT MINI firefighting pump are the ideal solution to needed portability at the scene or when many pumps are needed in different locations.

The modular design of the AFT MINI MPM enables it to be connected to any source of water and is also available with a 30m hose reel.

– Modular design

– Can be fitted with 2nd gun out let

– Integrated foam injection system

– External suction from water source

Petrol engine
1-cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine 6,5 HP / 7,09 kW at 3600 min-1 Recoil starter
Water pump
Diaphragm Pump
Foam additive
Foam mixing systems
Integrated mixing injection system
Filling capacities
Water tank
As per customer requirements
Fuel tank
3.1 litres
Technical parameters
Flow rate
Max. of 55 litres/min
Operating temperature
Tmin +5°C; Tmax +60°C
Frames and covers
Steel frame and steel plates with double powder coating
1,5″ C-coupling (Storz), 3/4″ D-coupling (Storz)
30 m kink-proof hose on a steel reel (DN 19; 3/4″)
by hand
Extinguishing gun
Changeover time
Approx. 2 sec. (jet to spray mode)
Lancing distance
Approx. 20 – 22 m jet mode Approx. 7 – 9 m spray mode
Working pressure
40 bar
Weight empty
Approx. 45 kg
Dimensions (LxHxW)
Approx.770 x 460 x 380