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AFT MPM 05 200-1000 Litres

  • Engine-Driven Water Mist
  • Medium Working Pressure
  • Suitable for Many Vehicle Types
  • High Efficiency
  • Digital Foam Regulation System
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Pressure: 40 bar
  • Flow Rate: 55 Litres/min

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AFT Fire Fighting MPM 05


AFT’s MPM 05 utilizes AFT’s patented water mist technology to provide high extinguishing performance at a very low water consumption rate. The integrated digital foam injection system enables variable foam dosage.

The AFT MPM 05 fire fighting system is specially designed for application on pickups, small trucks, or trailers. Its compact design makes the MPM ideal for integration in rapid response vehicles and special solutions for operations in difficult-to-access terrain such as forests and mountainous regions.

The AFT MPM is also available as a compact version making it as powerful as a fire truck.

  • Engine-Driven Water Mist
  • Modular Plastic Water Tank 200-1000 Litres
  • Medium Working Pressure
  • Suitable for Many Vehicle Types
  • High Efficiency
  • Digital Foam Regulation System
  • Digital Control Panel
  • High-Precision Foam Mixing System
  • External Suction from Water Sources (Lakes, Hydrants…)
  • Jet and Spray Mode
  • Easy to Operate

Technical Specifications

Petrol Engine2-Cylinder
4-Stroke Petrol Engine
16 HP / 11.9 kW at 3500 min⁻¹
Electric and Manual Starter
BatteryMaintenance-Free 12 V Battery
Water PumpHigh-Pressure Diaphragm Pump
Foam Additive
Foam Mixing SystemDigital Mixing Injection System
Filling Capacities
Foam Tank25 Litres
Water TankModular Water Tanks.
Each Module Holds up to 200 Litres of Water.
The tanks can be integrated into the Frame as Required.
Fuel Tank7.1 Litres
Technical Parameters
Flow RateMax 55 Litres/min
Operating TemperatureTmin +5°C; Tmax +60°C
Frames and CoversSteel frame and steel plates with double powder coating.
Connections1,5″ C-coupling (Storz)
3/4″ D-coupling (Storz) 
Hose30 m kink-proof hose on a steel reel with automatic retraction
(DN 19; 3/4″)
TransportabilityBy Forklift
Extinguishing Gun
Changeover TimeApprox. 2 sec. (Jet to Spray Mode)
Lancing DistanceApprox. 20-22 m Jet Mode
Approx. 7-9 m Spray Mode
Working Pressure40 bar
Control Panel
DisplayBattery Charging Indicator
Digital Filling Level Indicator for the Water Tank
Digital Filling Level Indicator the Foaming Agent Tank
Analog Filling Level Indicator for the Fuel Tank
Working Hour Meter
Revolution Counter
Digital Pressure Gauge
Setting OptionsDigital Set Point Device for the Foam Additive (Seven-segment Display in %)
Two-Pole External Battery Charging Connection
Choke and Throttle
Button for Motor and System Start
Weight EmptyApprox. 314 kg with 600 Litres Water Tanks
Dimensions (WxH) Control PanelApprox. 1000 x 1280 mm
Dimensions (L) Tank Modules600 Litres 1500 mm
800 Litres 1750 mm
1000 Litres 2000 mm

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