AFT Backpack 09/03


The 09/03 Fire fighting Backpack  is the first generation of our  systems. A portable unit that brings in significant reduction in response time and better accessibility, thus helping control fires at the initial stage. The Backpack is available with an option to attach a  breathing apparatus. Backpack systems are ideal for use in industry, first intervention system in fire trucks & emergency vehicles, offshore & marine.


 – Water mist / CAFS Extinguishing system

 – Low working Pressure

 – Externally Robust V4AStainless steel container

 – Low maintenace costs

Extinguishing agent tank
Filling capacity (EN3)
9 litres
Stainless steel
Working pressure
8.5 bar
Propellant gas bottle
Compressed air
Pressure cylinder
Filling pressure: 300 bar, Volume: 2 litres, Valve connection: G5/8 interior
Technical Parameters
Operating time
Approx. 23 sec.
Flow rate
24 litres/min
Operating temperature
Tmin +5°C; Tmax +60°C
Carrying device
Ergonomically shaped
Extinguishing gun
Changeover time
Approx. 2 sec. (jet to spray mode)
Lancing distance
Approx. 16 – 18 m jet mode, Approx. 6 – 7 m spray mode
Electrical Fires
up to 1000 V / 3 m distance
Ratings (extinguishing performance)
A Fire Class
55 A (as per EN3)
B Fire Class
233 B (as per EN3)
Weight empty (without air bottle)
12.5 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)
Approx. 260 x 420 x 820 mm
DIN EN 3, GS, TÜV, ISO 9001 (manufacturer)*
Electrical Nozzle
up to 35 kV/1m distance (no jet mode)

* Country and sector-specific regulations have higher priority. If you have any questions, please contact AFT GmbH.